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Dave Coleman

Server Rules

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1. General Rules

1.1 You must speak English to play on the server

All players must be able to understand basic English commands and instructions. 


1.1.2 Microphone

You must have a working microphone to play on the server. 


1.2 Going to requesting support

Before going to requesting support, make sure that you have sufficient evidence I.E screenshots or recordings of some sort. That way staff won't have to waste time on something that cannot be resolved without sufficient evidence. We encourage people to take screenshots or start recording when you think something is about to happen to you, or someone is breaking rules. You are required to record/upload 3 minutes prior to the situation. Do not immediately take minor issues to staff. Attempt to resolve it in game, through working out a deal or using role-play (You may not use global to resolve issues, all issues are to be resolved using verbal communication). 


1.3 Common Sense

Always use common sense in situations and use better judgment on whether or not your current situation could be handled in Roleplay, or if a staff member may be required to assist you. If you are ever unsure about anything, Contact Staff before you continue. 


1.4 Staffs Say is Final

Staff Members' decisions on situations are final, They know the rules and are there to enforce them, so always listen to them. If a staff member says to stop doing something, you need to follow their orders. Lying to any staff will get you banned! If you disagree with a staff member's decision you may contact a Senior or Head Admin. 


1.5 Respect everyone

While heated arguments are okay, You cannot disrespect someone. IE: "You're a f*cking faggot mate". Also, Roleplay disrespect can only be taken so far. If you feel the roleplay disrespect is being taken too far, inform the person that it is time to stop. When disrespecting someone in roleplay, your disrespect must be directed towards the character not the person themself 


1.6 Hacking

Hacking/Exploiting is not tolerated in any way, shape, or form. If you suspect someone of hacking/exploiting, Inform staff immediately and DO NOT post over global about it. Gather as much information and or evidence as possible and allow staff to handle it. 


1.7 Duping

Duplicating money or other items is strictly prohibited! Anyone caught duplicating money or items will receive a one week ban and a stat wipe for the first offence. If they offend again they will receive a permanent ban. 


1.8 Know the rules

Everyone is responsible for knowing the rules on this page. These rules may change at any time, with or without warning. It is your responsibility to know the rules here, and no one else's. 


1.9 Pause RP

Pause RP is to be called by Staff Only - Calling Pause RP will require the name of staff member pausing it - abusing pause RP will result in Fail RP ban. 


1.10 Out Of Character

OOC may only be used in the following situations - 

1. (You Need To Go AFK Or Leave You May Go OOC To Tell The Officer/EMT Or Civ And Tell An Admin For Leaving.)

2. (You Need To Tell The Person Ingame Something That A Admin Has Told You To Say To The Officer/EMT Or Civ, If You Lie In This Situation You Will Be Banned For Fail RP.)


1.11 Advertising

Advertising for other communities is not allowed in any case. If you are caught doing so, you can be permanently banned from our server! 


2. Teamspeak Rules


2.1 Follow the Chain of Command

Chain of command is the hierarchy of the staff team. Always start from the beginning when contacting Staff. 

Chain of Command: Trial Staff > Moderator > Administrator >  Senior Administrator > Head Administrator > Director Of Administration > Community Manager > Project Manager > Community Founder

Unbans can only be done by SMT and you will NEED to do an unban appeal to get reviewed.

If you wish to contact a Developer, Make it known to an Administrator or above, Don't just contact a Developer right away. 


2.2 Do not Spam

Flooding the server with messages is not allowed. You will be punished for this usually without warning. 


2.3 Do not Harass other players

If someone doesn't want to talk to you, Or feels uncomfortable with your presence, Avoid contact with said person. This is a very serious matter and can leave some members to feel unsafe while being here. 


2.4 Avatars

Avatars may not contain any of the following: Gore, Nudity, Unsafe or Disturbing Images, Child Pornography, Images posted without consent of subject, Racial/Bigotry references or suggested nudity. 


2.5 Notify Before Moving

A staff member must notify you before moving you, if they fail to do so contact a Senior Administrator or fill out a staff complaint. 


3. Server Rules - General


3.1 Relogging

Relogging after death is only acceptable if accepted by those in roleplay with you, if they do not respond then you may seek approval from a staff member. Only if either say yes will you be allowed to relog. If you relog after dying and don't seek Staff approval, Regardless of the Revive Timer, You risk a Ban and a Stat Wipe. Should you relog while in an roleplay scenario (IE: Being pursued by Police), You must either do 1 of 2 things: 

1) Hand yourself in to anyone whose role play was interrupted by your relog 

2) Take the appropriate punishment. 


3.2 Resisting Police

You may only resist Police if you're at risk of imprisonment/death as a result of the Police's actions against you. 


3.2.1 If there is no way to evade officers (i.e. vehicle being spike stripped, vehicle being blocked in) then you may engage on the officer(s). You may not purposely get your vehicle disabled just to be allowed to engage officers. It is always preferred that you use engagement as a last result to evading. If you abuse this rule you will be punished accordingly. 


3.3 Compensation

3.3.1 In order to get Compensation due to Glitch or Server Fault(IE: Unintentional Restart/Server Crash), You must be able to supply proper evidence of what you lost in the form of a screenshot or video. The screenshot must have the date, time and ownership. If you feel that the server may crash, Or you are at risk of losing stats, Type !uptime without the quotes and it will give you Time/Date. Take a screenshot of it then go to requesting comp with the screenshot and a staff member will have you comped if your screenshot was correctly done. 


3.3.2 For compensation due to player-inflicted damage, You will need to go to Requesting Support, there, a Staff Member will decide whether or not you will be compensated. Screenshots are also appreciated, also evidence of fault of the other party is required. 


3.4 Low Flying & Hovering

If you are hovering over government property or an active roleplay situation, the police are allowed to tell you to land or wave off. If you fail to do so the police will follow their protocol on how to deal with you (i.e. shooting you down after warnings have been given). 

If you are flying low or hovering over civ spawn staff can and will delete your air vehicle without warning. 


3.5 Combat Logging

If you are either in Jail or in a Roleplay Situation, and have to disconnect, You need to ask permission from whoever will be affected by your disconnection. That being the player that killed you or EMS. (IE: Dead and waiting for ESU, killed by Police), Should they say no, and you log out anyways, A ban may be placed. If they agree to allow you to leave, You must stay off of the server for up to 2 Hours before you may join again, unless you have died outside of a roleplay situation then you only have to wait 1 hour before you may come back. Joining again before this time is up, May result in a ban. 

If you were killed by police or a civilian for any reason you must ask them if you can log off. The rules above still apply 


3.6 Robbery

You cannot rob someone while you are in a vehicle nor can you rob someone in a vehicle unless the vehicle is stationary for 8 seconds or more. 

If you are on foot you must initiate on the person you are trying to rob by giving them a command stating you are robbing them such as “PUT YOUR HANDS ON YOUR HEAD, THIS IS A ROBBERY”. After initiation you must give at least 5 seconds for them to comply to your reasonable commands! If the person you are robbing tries to evade (i.e. driving or running away) then you may shoot the person. 

You or your gang may only commit a robbery of the same person every 15 minutes. 

If you or your gang lose eyes on the person/vehicle for more than 1 Minute then you must reinitiate, This means you must attempt to rob them again by initiating again (regardless of your success the 15 minute rule will apply). However, if you lose eyes on them for more than five minutes you must let them go and wait the 15 minute cool down. 

You may not rob PD excessively.You or your gang may only rob an officer every 20 minutes. 


3.7 Random Deathmatching (RDM)

Killing people randomly without interaction or roleplay or non-compliant with the rules, is considered RDM. 

You may kill someone if they either: Do not comply with your demands in a robbery, engaging you in combat, attempt to run you over (unless them running you over is at the fault of yourself or your gang), try to rob you, or if they engage your Gang Members. 

Of course, There are scenarios where killing someone is and is not okay that we cannot list, But a staff member will clear it up for you if you ever need it. 

Police, You may only ever kill someone if it is coordination with your Protocol for you Division. 

Gang Areas may only be KOS if the person has a gun out or if the person is not following your orders to leave. 

You may not be a hitman or contract killer. 

“Stop or die” or any variation is not proper initiation.

When you initiate you must state a demand and a consequence. 


3.9 Code Red

Every code red situation is unique, but here are some examples.

Threatening the life of another player. 

Taking or participating in an assassination mission. 

Participating in any capacity in a Bank Robbery. 

Participating in any capacity in a convoy Robbery. 

Refusing lawful police orders while in a boat or air vehicle. 

Participating in any way in a hostage taking mission or hostage taking of a player. 

Attempting to murder another player being within 100 meters of Terror (MUST BE ARMED). 

Being inside a police vehicle without permission or without being placed there by a cop (jumping in a cop car, stealing a cop car). 



3.9 Vehicle Deathmatch (VDM)

To kill someone with a vehicle is commonly referred to as VDM. You may only do so if: Someone is actively trying to shoot you out of a vehicle and there is no chance of escaping the assault. This rule also applies to police. If you kill someone INTENTIONALLY with a vehicle and your situation does not match the above statement, You will then be in the wrong. If a player is intentionally standing in front of your vehicle and they refuse to move then you may run them over/push them out of the way. 

Police can S1 (desync ram) vehicles which are fleeing.

NOTE: Staff discretion will be applied during cases of VDM 


3.10 Fail Roleplay and Meta-Gaming

Fail Roleplay is when you act a manner which would not fit a Roleplay scenario or something which would not be possible in real life. For example, Using Teamspeak to communicate with Gang Members or other players when you are restrained by Police or a Hostage Taker, This is considered Fail Roleplay. You must always follow a Roleplay Scenario. 

Meta-Gaming is an unintended way of gaining information , IE: Pressing Spacebar and hovering your mouse over someone to find their name or using Teamspeak information And then role play it against them, it is considered Metagaming. Also If you are zip tied you must roleplay as though you are restrained, the same rules and practices that apply to being restrained by the police also apply if zip tied by civilians. 

Attempting to Rob an Officer/s at a Traffic Stop is Counted as "Fail RP". YOU WILL BE PUNISHED ACCORDING TO THE OFFENCE. Under no Circumstances are you allowed to INTERRUPT AN ONGOING "Role Play" Situation. 

You cannot evade from police by water unless you have a boat - Swimming away is not allowed! 

Aircraft will either be in the air or at the airport unless RP calls for otherwise (i.e. emergency landing) taxing on roads will result in removal of aircraft and no bail 60 jail time for trolling. You may only use aircraft while committing major crimes to get away (i.e. bank/casino robbery, hostage taking). When being chased by officers and want to evade in an air vehicle, the aircraft must be at one of the 2 airports on the map. The only exception to this is rule is when using an aircraft to break out your gang member. 

No Lighters are allowed to be used whilst you are restrained. 

You can not use a tazer as a civilian, You may only use it to Shift + G other players. 

Cop Baiting is not allowed! You may not encourage the cops to chase you for whatever reason. An examples would be: Waiting at a robbery after it has been complete to kill cops. 

After a robbery is complete, you MUST attempt to evade. If there is no possible way to evade (i.e. police blocking all entrances) then you can either attempt to negotiate your way out OR shoot some cops creating yourself a path to evade. 

You are not allowed to take a Fake Hostage. This has caused too many issues. 

You are not allowed to jump a vehicle from one island to another, (IE - Airport to Terror, Gas and Chips to Sheriff town) while in an active roleplay situation. 

You are not allowed to use any external communication program like Skype, Discord, Steam Chat ETC. 

When committing crime, your main goal is to evade the police and only kill if necessary. You may not sit in one place and wait for the entire police force to arrive just to shoot them. 


3.11 Suicide Piloting/Jihad/Kamikaze

Flying an Aircraft into a person, or group of persons is punishable by Permanent removal from this community, If found to be intentional. It is commonly known as "Jihad". Though it is preferred you refer to it as Suicide Piloting/Bombing due to Racial reasons. 


3.12 Powergaming

Powergaming is when a player tries to enact roleplay on another player that would for force them to follow along when they don't want to. I.E (Telling a cop you punch out the glass of his cruiser and choke him, or RP'ing with non-ingame items like an EMP or similar). Failure to follow the powergaming rule will result in a FailRP ban. 


3.13 Nickname/Display Name

It is demanded that all users use the same Display Name every time they play on our servers. Should you want to change your Display Name, You will need to post a Name Change request on our forums. Any name that is deemed inappropriate, obscene, racists, or trolling can and will be grounds for being kicked and/or banned from the server upon Staff discretion. 


3.14 Stealing Unlocked Vehicles

You may only steal a vehicle if the vehicle is unlocked and the owner is not nearby or if the vehicle is unlocked and it has been unlocked for more than 8 seconds. 

You may not steal a vehicle in a green zone, all green zones are crime free areas! 


3.15 Tow Truck RP Rules


3.15.1 Trolling with the tow truck will not be tolerated. Doing so will result in a ban for fail rp. 


3.15.2 Vehicles in a GREEN zone cannot be towed unless they are blocking vehicle spawns or with owner permission. 


3.15.3 Cop cars are not to be towed due to issues of trolling unless it is for an RP Event or if is cleared by PD. 


3.15.4 Reasons to tow: Vehicle is obstructing traffic. Vehicle is left abandoned off road and you have tried to contact the owner via global chat. You are instructed by PD to tow the vehicle. 


3.16 Moving vehicles with helicopters

You may not lift or tow any vehicle with a helicopter unless you have the keys or it is unlocked. 8 second rule applies when taking unlocked vehicles that don’t belong to you. 


3.17 Red Zones and Restricted Areas

Flying an Air Vehicle over Red Zones is the ONLY time police may fire on your vehicle after giving you one warning. 


3.18 Green Zones

Any GREEN or BLUE area on the map (Including PD Base) is considered a Green Zone. 

In which No Major Misdemeanor / Crime may be initialized. 

Examples: Weapon Discharge, Brandishing a Firearm, Robbery, Grand Theft Auto, Doing Drugs etc. 

Minor offenses will not get you banned (Such as: Trespassing) 

If you commit a minor crime in a Green Zone, Police may enforce the law on you. 

Camping the edge of a Green Zone to rob someone is FailRP. 

If a Role Play Scenario originating outside the Green Zone enter ones, the Green Zone rules do NOT apply. 


3.19 Declaration of Terror / Holding Ground

It is not allowed for any person(s) to hold a specific piece of land on the map under threat of Kill on Sight. If you declare terror you will be informed that it is not allowed and if you still continue with your actions of terror you will be banned for fail RP. 


3.20 Stealing from the Gear of Vehicles

You may only steal items from the Gear of a vehicle if either: The car is unlocked (unoccupied) and you have obeyed the 8 second rule, if you have the keys to the vehicle, or if you have the owners approval. 


3.21 Having Proper ID

All civilians must have an ID on them at all times. When an officer asks you for your ID, if you are wanted for an arrestable offense you may run without presenting your ID, if you are at no risk of imprisonment you must present your ID. If you fail to do so you will be banned for Fail RP. 


3.22 Robbing Bank and Hostage Taking

To rob the bank, there must be at least 4 police officers online on the server. To take a hostage, you must have 5 police officers online on the server. To do any of these you must have intentions to have a successful robbery, meaning you may not rob it just to get cops to come also you may not rob the bank/casino to use the situation as a distraction. 

There may only be 1 Hostage taking at 1 point in time and a 5 minute cool down period between each hostage taking. However you may rob the bank if there is a hostage situation going on. After robbing the bank if you have had an encounter with the police you must try to actively finish the situation as soon as possible you may not sit there and wait for more cops to come. 

When taking a hostage at the Hostage Area, anybody inside the Gray Square is considered a participant in the hostage scenario, you may not engage someone who is outside of the Square, same as you cannot be engaged from outside of the Square as well. If you leave the circle and PD keeps eyes on you then they are allowed to engage on you per their protocol. You may make any negotiation demands you wish, It is up to the Police to attempt to either follow your demands or successfully rescue the hostage. When negotiating, your demands must be reasonable and not exceed the amount of $250,000. 


3.23 Trolling

Trolling is not tolerated at all in this community, And if you are found to be constantly punished for Trolling, You will receive a Permanent Ban. This is a Roleplaying Community, and our standards will not be broken by people who are too immature to put the effort into their roleplay. 

(i.e. Screaming into your mic like you’re a fucking 12 year old) 


3.24 New Life Rule

New Life Rule comes into effect when you DIE. If an EMS Revives you before your Revive Timer runs out, you are not considered to be in NLR. However, If an EMS does not Revive you before you Respawn, You are in NLR and must not Roleplay knowing anything from the past Life Time like Names, Faces and any knowledge about people. Using knowledge against the NLR is considered Fail RP, which is the punishment which will be given. 

NLR applies when you are killed by PD or a Civ, your timer runs out and you were not revived by EMS. However, if you die by your own means (i.e. jumping from building, crashing your car during a police chase) you will not be granted the NLR. 

The only exception to the above rule is when you die due to your own means outside of role play OR you get called back by your gang waiting a MINIMUM of 5 minutes. 

When EMS is online and you die, you MUST call for EMS unless you are doing Suicide RP. 


3.25 Cop Knowledge

You are allowed to know; PD Protocol, Jail Times, Ticket Prices, And your Right to Requesting a Supervisor. 

If you feel there was a breach in PD protocol, you may request a Supervisor, You may not state the breach of protocol until the supervisor arrives, which at that point you will sort out the problem in the supervisor office, and will resume in RP Afterwards. 

You do not have access to Division Protocols, as these are Classified Documents, and may not reference these as a breach of protocol, instead you must submit a Complaint. 


3.26 Jail Rules

You are allowed to take over the jail. You are allowed to go into the jail with the sole purpose of finding a cop/civilian to take hostage. You may break into jail if your gang members have been jailed, however you may only break the members of your gang out of jail. If you get into someones heli or vehicle that is not your fellow gang members, you can receive a Fail RP ban. 


3.27 Playing Music

If playing music for Role play reason you may only be in whisper mode. You may not play music while you are in custody by police or in jail. 


3.28 Jumping Out Of A Vehicle While Cuffed

If you have been placed into a vehicle whilst in restraints you may not jump out or exit the vehicle, even if it is unlocked. You are still handcuffed and must Role Play as handcuffed until you are unhandcuffed by a officer. 

4. Gang Rules

4.1 Assisting Gang Members

You may only assist gang members when they are: Actively being shot at, Actively being detained and you know they have a warrant, Actively being robbed or harmed. 


4.2 Gang Size and Authority

Your gang may only consist of 15 members. The leader/owner of your gang is the person who has authority over your Gang and who must stay and go. If a Gang Leader tells you to leave, Then leave 


4.3 Gang War

Gangs can, at any point, declare war against another gang. Two Gangs may fight against one Gang together, but two Gangs can never be considered the same Gang. 


5. Police Department Rules


5.1 Follow Protocol

Your Protocol is what you must follow closely. If you break this rule, You risk disciplinary action from command staff in the Police and/or server staff. Your protocol/s are an extension of this section of rules. 


5.2 Must be in TFR

You must be in the Police and/or Division Frequency with a working mic in order to play this role without being kicked from the server. 


5.3 Non-Lethal Option

Police are required to have a Non-Lethal weapon on them at all times. This rule spans across the entire Police Department, regardless of division or rank. 


5.4 Police Must Adhere to Laws

Police must adhere to their divisions handbook. Failure to do so is a breach of this rule, which is punishable with Fail Roleplay and a possible demotion/ban/removal from Police. 


5.5 Impounding Vehicles

Police may only impound a vehicle if it is parked in an illegal or obstructive manner, and the owner has been warned, if the owner does not claim their vehicle after 5 minutes then you have the right to impound their vehicle with no warning. If a person says they can move the vehicle, It is up to the officer whether or not to impound the vehicle or wait for the owner. 


5.6 Jail Booking

Police are required to verbally inform you of your charges before they place you into jail, failure to do so will result in release or decreased jail time (must present evidence for jail time to be reduced). Also, If a Civilian is held by police for more than 15 minutes without Jail booking, Then time deduction of 5 minutes is expected from the Civilian's Jail time. 


5.7 Corruption

Police Corruption is not accepted, any form at all will result in a Permanent Cop side ban NO EXCEPTIONS. 


5.8 Saving Police Vehicles as Civilian

If you either Lockpick a police car, Or log onto civilian and save your cop car, You will risk a Stat Wipe and a temporary ban from our server. 


5.9 Police Officer as Hostage

If a police officer is taken hostage, Their Cop Marker(Blue dot on map) is not to be used for locating the officer who has been kidnapped.. 


5.10 Zip ties

Possession of zip ties is legal, unless the person is found to also be in possession of an illegal firearm. In this case it is probable cause for the police to search you and your car. 


5.11 Obey Traffic Laws

Police Officers must obey all traffic laws, Unless they’re in the proper emergency response state. Lights and/or siren may only be used for legitimate reasons only. 


5.12 Gang Area Chase

If Cops are in pursuit of a subject and they go into a gang area, that subject is immediately code red regardless of what they have done. The reason this rule is in place is because if the Police enter a gang area, they can be shot on sight as well. If the subject leaves the gang area, they remain code red. 


5.13 Civilian Punishment

If you are to Fail RP or didn't adhere to any roleplay demands as a civilian, You could receive a demotion in the police force. 


5.14 Kill within Reason

Of course, We can't put rock solid rules in place and assume you apply it to all situations. Use reasoning and think about how Officers in real life would deal with the situation, BEFORE using lethal force against anyone. If you are still stuck on the matter, ask a superior officer. 


5.15 Streaming while on Duty

If you are playing as a police officer while streaming on Twitch or YouTube you must put an overlay over the radio and chat. You must do everything within your power to protect the PD frequency from anyone viewing your stream 


6. Emergency Services Unit Rules

6.1 ESU is a Neutral Faction

EMS cannot take sides between Civilian and Cop. However, If an EMS is subject to a crime, They may report it. Otherwise, EMS cannot report crimes. This being said, EMS are not to be killed for any reason whatsoever. This also means: EMS cannot assist police in a chase unless helping injured police officers going code 1 and following at a distance, EMS cannot own or use a weapon at any point, EMS cannot rob or be robbed, Cannot steal vehicles, and cannot have vehicles stolen, cannot have crimes committed against, nor can they commit crimes. If someone breaks any of these rules, it might result in a ban. If it is severe enough, it might be a permanent ban! 


6.2 Must be in TFR as EMS

You must be on the EMS Frequency in order to play this role without being kicked. If caught playing EMS without being in the correct Frequency, it might result in a kick from the game without warning. 


6.3 Follow protocol

EMS Protocols are to be followed by EMS members, both trained, and untrained. It is your responsibility to know your own protocol. 


6.4 Roleplay

If EMS arrives on scene and your gang member (has to be listed as a member of your gang) is down, you may RP taking EMS at gunpoint and forcing them to revive your gang member. Once all members of your gang have been revived, you must leave the area. If anyone other than a member of your gang is down, you CANNOT prevent EMS from reviving them. Members of PD must be revived first. If EMS fails to RP this, then take it to Requesting Support on Teamspeak or to an EMS supervisor. 


6.5 Breaking the laws of traffic

When driving as EMS, you may not break any traffic laws unless you are going to a call. When going to a call, you must use the light bar and sirens to ignore traffic laws. Light bar and sirens are only to be used when responding to revive situations (Code 3). If you are pulled over for speeding your ticket will be tripled. If you refuse to pay the ticket you will be asked to get off EMS for the day. 


6.6 Impounding

EMS can only impound a vehicle if they have the owner's consent or a police officer's permission to do so. If the owner is not online, you have the right to impound his vehicle. You need to issue a 5 minute wait time for the owner to respond before impounding his vehicle. 


6.7 Summary of what ESU can't do

EMS may not enter gang areas or the hostage area unless called there. 

You may not use any EMS vehicles in a crime, or commit any crimes while playing as EMS. 

You cannot have any weapons while playing as EMS 

EMS may not be part of a gang, involved with gang activity or be biased towards any faction or group. 

EMS may not spot for cops, be governor, be taken hostage, or revive in an active shooting area. If there is shooting in the area, EMS cannot enter. You have to wait 1 minute after the last shot before you move in and start reviving. If someone starts shooting close to you, you have to leave the area immediately. Move out a few hundred meters and wait another minute after the last shot before you move back in again. 

You may not refuse treatment to anyone whatsoever. 


7.1 Initiation Rules

There must be verbal initiation before you or your initiated group can engage in gun play

You can only engage in gun play with sufficient verbal initiation. 

Stop or die and similar initiations are NOT acceptable.

You CANNOT say "do [action] or you're dead", this is not RP.

You cannot kill somebody while they are complying with your orders.

You cannot say "Don't speak or you're dead", tell them to stop talking, make it clear with several warnings, warnings must be in rp, such as "Stop running your mouth!". 

To initiate you must have a visible firearm out.

Initiation lasts for 10 minutes; anything over the period requires re-initiation unless a firefight is actively happening.

You can only initiate inside of a vehicle if you are sitting in a seat in which you can aim a gun from.

You cannot initiate gun play for your group when you are restrained. Example: Telling cops that they need to let you go or they'll be shot.

You're not allowed to initiate when you head on with another vehicle.


8.2 Group Imitation

You have to be wearing the same clothes (Shirt, Trousers and Vest) to initiate as a group, you also have to be within 500m radius of the location of the initiation to be included (Excludes Cops)

When you initiate on the police, it does not mean you initiate on the entire cope force. The imitation would only be towards the cops involved in the situation or on those what arrive as backup. 


Officers may shoot civilians with a visible weapons within 200m from DOC grounds if they show a direct threat to DOC without initiation, if someone is shot without posing a threat to DOC itself then they may be punished for RDM.

Helicopters and planes within a 200m radius of DOC may be given warning shots. If they fail to leave the area they can be shot down, if they are not contactable on air frequency.

Using a helicopter to block the path of another helicopter taking off is classed as initiation.

If you're being VMD'ed intentionally this counts as initiation, you may fire at the vehicle. This does not include general road accidents or yourself acting in a way to get hit by vehicles. You must be sure it's intentional VDM as you killing them may be RDM which is still punishable.

People giving out your location or running around in the firefight can be shot without initiation by Police and Civilians.

If medics are combat reviving in the middle of an ongoing firefight, then you are allowed to give warning shots. if the medic continues to combat revive then you're allowed to kill the medic. 

You are responsible for your own initiation, if you're in whisper and the initiation cannot be heard, that is your fault.

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Rules are subject to change at any point in time without a warning.

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